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We provide secure, modern and flexible storage facilities for all your needs. Our services are perfect for house moves, business storage or even just a bit of extra space. We've got you covered!

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    20FT Storage Unit 160 SQ FT

    What can I fit into a 20ft Storage Container?

    Self Storage Basildon

    Snappy Self Storage provides comprehensive, low-cost storage solutions for individuals and businesses throughout Essex and London, operating from our head office just 25 minutes from Basildon and with a perfectly located depot in London, close to London City Airport.

    We offer exceptional security, value for money and 24/7 surveillance, ensuring your valuables are protected, whether you require self storage in Basildon for your company, wish to store furniture and belongings during construction work or a house move, or simply need a flexible option to store a vehicle.

    Flexible Container Storage Basildon

    Our Basildon self storage services are designed to be user-friendly, and you can pre-book any size of unit or container for any period required, with no maximum thresholds. This flexibility is ideal for organisations and travellers who need a self storage facility in Basildon or London that they can extend indefinitely to meet their requirements.

    There are multiple scenarios where self storage is the best option and provides a significant cost saving compared to other solutions, including:

    • Clearing clutter and possessions during renovation projects.
    • Storing seasonal sports equipment and clothing.
    • Retaining collectables, valuables and other possessions.
    • Storing garden furniture and tools when not required.
    • Items related to events, trade fairs, holidays and other celebrations.

    We also commonly support home movers looking for efficient self storage during a move, where they need easy access to their furniture and other belongings, with a depot designed for delivery vehicles and self-hire vans for deliveries and collections.

    How to Find Snappy Self Storage Basildon

    Please visit our contact pages for full address details or locate our Basildon and London self storage sites through your mobile map applications for exact directions.

    Our London hub is straightforward to find, with direct access to several A routes, and provides fast access to major locations such as airports, inner-city transport connections and other services.

    How Does Self Storage Basildon Work?

    Renting a self storage unit or container in Basildon or London is easy, with multiple units, lockers and containers with a variety of sizing options depending on the storage capacity you require.

    Complete our handy online booking form to reserve the relevant unit size, letting us know your moving-in date and a few other details to help us allocate the most appropriate unit, such as:

    • The purpose of your self storage, such as business, home, local authority or charity storage.
    • An indication of the purpose of your storage, which could be related to a house move, business requirements, or during a period of travel.

    Snappy Self Storage Basildon does not require an upfront deposit and will not charge anything until your moving-in day, and from there, issue bills every four weeks to ensure you can adjust your self storage as and when necessary without incurring unnecessary costs.

    Choosing the Best Container Storage Basildon

    There are a few considerations when choosing your self storage facility and the type or size of unit or container, such as:

    • The type of items you wish to store.
    • Overall dimensions and sizes.
    • Expected duration of storage.

    While all Snappy Self Storage Basildon services are fully insured, we recommend you ensure you have appropriate coverage for higher-valued items, particularly artworks, collectables or other possessions that will normally need external insurance coverage for storage periods outside of your home.

    We can advise if you are unsure which self storage units you need or would like assistance estimating the dimensions and size of your collective storage items, business equipment, vehicles or furniture.

    Ground floor drive-up units, for example, are ideal for business storage of a higher capacity or vehicle storage. Your delivery vehicle can drive directly to the entrance for convenient offloading, facilitating straightforward collections when your storage requirements end.

    How Much Are the Cheapest Storage Units Near Me?

    Our Basildon and London self storage facilities are charged on a monthly basis, without any additional costs incurred for individual days and without any pre-storage deposit or down payment. We charge only from the day you move your belongings or items into your self storage container and allow you to cancel at any point beforehand with zero charges.

    Snappy Self Storage is currently running introductory offers with excellent value available, providing high-capacity storage units based on a 20-foot container with sufficient space for all the furniture and furnishings from a standard-sized three to four-bedroom home.

    Please visit our bookings form for exact pricing or to reserve your secure self storage container.

    What Can I Keep in Container Storage Basildon?

    Most items, vehicles, tools, equipment and furniture, can be stored in self storage for any duration, with 24/7 security and clean, dry, weatherproof containers that prevent dampness or mould from affecting the condition or value of your stored belongings.

    However, there are some legal and regulatory limitations, which mean flammable, prohibited or hazardous items should not be stored in a self storage container.

    Examples include:

    • Live plants and animals.
    • Fireworks and explosive devices.
    • Illegal substances and firearms.
    • Gas canisters and other flammable items.

    If you would like to verify whether a particular item can be stored in a self storage container, please contact our Basildon team for further advice.

    Note that, as your London and Essex self storage provider, we offer surveillance protection but are not responsible for auditing the items you choose to place into self storage and require all customers to agree to our terms and conditions of usage.

    Why Choose Snappy Self Storage for Your Basildon Storage Requirements?

    We offer an end-to-end service and endeavour to provide the best value and most competitive self storage prices for clients throughout London and Essex.

    Snappy Self Storage delivers:

    • Cost efficiencies, with low-cost container units available without a deposit and with a no-fee cancellation policy.
    • Flexible storage durations and containers, available on an ad hoc basis or for long-term hire.
    • Convenient locations, serving clients across Greater London and Essex.
    • Quality storage facilities, with clean and dry conditions.
    • Full services, with self storage available for anything from business assets and materials to homeowner possessions and vehicles.
    • Easy access with private access control over your container, around-the-clock surveillance and drive-up units for logistics.

    Submit your booking enquiry today to reserve your self storage space.

    Snappy Self Storage: Cheap Storage Basildon FAQs

    Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about using Snappy Self Storage and what to expect from our services.

    How Safe Are the Items I Store With Snappy Self Storage?

    Our purpose-built facility is highly secure, with state-of-the-art security CCTV surveillance and around-the-clock security to protect your belongings and provide assurance that storage units are under continual protection. We have implemented 24/7 digital CCTV cameras, a dynamic alarm system, secure container access controls and fire detection equipment throughout our facility.

    How Flexible Are the Storage Options at Snappy Self Storage Near Me?

    Clients use our storage services for various solutions and can store household items, furniture, equipment, inventory and even vehicles. Many customers use self storage for excess stock or as a delivery and collection point to ensure arriving items are safely stored. Business clients can deliver or collect items via lorry or forklift, with external space capacity for parking and manoeuvring.

    Is There a Maximum Long Term Storage Basildon Period?

    No, we tend to offer self storage units from one week and upward, with no limitation on the maximum time you can hire a container. Clients often use long-term self storage when travelling, relocating overseas, selling or renovating a property or dealing with excess business stock, which can be for months or potentially years.

    Can I Access My Storage Units in Basildon Whenever I Want?

    Absolutely – when you hire a Snappy Self Storage unit or container, you have full control over when you decide to visit, whether you need to take or add an item to your storage space. Our clients have secure access to their units as and when required, with clear, reliable opening hours and plenty of parking space with the capacity for lorries and other delivery or collection vehicles.

    What Items Are Prohibited From Being Stored in a Self Storage Container?

    It is entirely up to you what you wish to store. However, anything hazardous, dangerous or illegal cannot be kept in a self storage unit, including animals, fireworks, flammable chemicals, explosives and gas canisters.

    What Happens if I Need to Switch Self Storage to a Larger or Smaller Unit?

    We’re all about flexibility, so you can swap your storage space to a bigger or smaller unit or container whenever you need to – we only charge for self storage rental for the time the unit is in use. You are welcome to get in touch or submit an enquiry form to explore the different unit sizes available to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

    Can I Store Archiving Records in Self Storage Near Me?

    Yes, we commonly receive enquiries from businesses and organisations that need a secure, safe way to store extensive files, records and paperwork that must be retained for regulatory or record-keeping requirements yet exceed the space available within their buildings.

    Fitting a storage unit with racks or shelves can be ideal if you need continual access to your self storage unit, and we ensure all self storage spaces are weatherproof, keeping paper documents and other records dry and in good condition.

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