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We provide secure, modern and flexible storage facilities for all your needs. Our services are perfect for house moves, business storage or even just a bit of extra space. We've got you covered!

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    20FT Storage Unit 160 SQ FT

    What can I fit into a 20ft Storage Container?

    Self Storage Billericay

    Snappy Self Storage provides flexible, affordable and secure self storage, with our modern, clean and convenient self storage depot just 30 minutes from Billericay and in a central location with fast and easy access to all major transport routes, including London City Airport.

    Clients use self storage for a wide variety of purposes, from storing business inventory and archives to keeping furniture and furnishings safe during a house move or redecorating projects and storing vehicles and classic cars for longer durations.

    We are open around the clock, allowing you to deposit additional items or make collections from your private-access self storage unit at any time, whether you are relocating from Billericay into central London or vice versa or need a straightforward storage solution close to the capital.

    How Does Billericay Self Storage Work?

    Snappy Self Storage makes it simple to organise the storage you require, from hiring one container for a month to cover short-term capacity needs to reserving several self storage units to accommodate a larger volume of items.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Complete our user-friendly online booking form to reserve your storage container.
    • Let us know if you need more than one self storage unit and your intended moving-in day.
    • Indicate the purpose of your self storage, such as a house move, business storage, or another reason.
    • Agree to our terms and conditions and organise your transportation.

    Our facility is designed for vehicles of any size, so clients can drop off furniture and larger items in HGVs and removal lorries of their choosing, with ample space for vehicles to turn and back up to ground-floor level units for easy unloading.

    When you have safely deposited your belongings into your storage container, you can access it as and when you wish with your secure keys, with the assurance of 24/7 site security and surveillance and cutting-edge alarm systems to ensure nobody without your permission can enter your self storage unit.

    Our Safe Self Storage Billericay Depot

    Safety is a key requirement, and many clients opt for Billericay self storage because other alternatives are more expensive, exposed to risk and dampness, or cannot guarantee that storage spaces will not be vulnerable to thefts, break-ins and vandalism.

    Snappy Self Storage offers inclusive pricing with no added extras, including standard insurance, CCTV surveillance, access controls and clean, weatherproof storage units with a four-weekly billing process.

    Although we provide insurance, we recommend clients consider their additional requirements, as very high-value items such as business machinery, classic cars, jewellery, and artwork may need to have separate cover to comply with the insurer’s policies.

    Using a garage, lock-up, attic space, spare office, garden shed or hiring a separate unit to store excess items can be risky since the presence of dampness can lead to rust, water damage and deterioration of your stored items. In contrast, a sealed self storage container retains a balanced environment where goods are safeguarded from rot, mould and dust.

    Business Applications for Self Storage Billericay

    We commonly work with Billericay businesses looking for convenient and cost-effective self storage and provide the flexibility to decide how long you wish to utilise your self storage container, with both long-term and short-term services or ad hoc container hire to suit.

    There are countless reasons companies choose self storage, but some of the more frequent requests include:

    • Storing large volumes of archives or records, which businesses must retain for minimum periods, yet require a significant amount of space.
    • Storing off-season items related to conferences, displays, events and trade fairs.
    • Storing excess inventory allows companies to maximise efficiency by buying in bulk, with a low-cost space to store stocks until they are required.
    • Storing items sold at markets or other trading environments, with the option to return each day to collect new inventory or deposit unsold items back into storage.
    • Storing furniture, computers and other equipment during a relocation or when offices are closed for holidays or undergoing redecoration.

    Our large self storage Billericay units are also suitable for vehicles, with one container of sufficient size to store up to two standard-sized cars. We also store a variety of outdoor or sporting equipment, such as camping gear, boats and trailers, kayaks and golf clubs.

    Pricing is shown both including and excluding VAT when you reserve a self storage container through our online booking system for transparency.

    Reserving a Self Storage Billericay Unit Near Me

    New clients can book a Billericay self storage container for immediate use, although we advise booking in advance where possible since we often have busy periods where containers are limited. Please get in touch if you have an urgent self storage requirement, and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

    Once you have reserved your self storage unit, you can deposit items or furniture at any time of your choosing and return them as you wish to collect or add new belongings to your container.

    Billing works on a four-weekly cycle, and we only start charging for self storage hire from the date you move in, giving you full control over your storage usage and with the flexibility to end or extend your hire as and when necessary.

    Snappy Self Storage Billericay does not require an upfront payment, deposit, or advance month’s hire charge, and operates a streamlined invoicing system with repeat payments to reduce admin time and ensure our clients know in advance exactly what their self storage hire will cost.

    Cheap Billericay Self Storage Containers

    Self storage can come at a price premium throughout London and Essex, and hiring extra storage space can incur extra outgoings such as business rates, utility charges and security surveillance or monitoring.

    We are delighted to offer highly competitive self storage monthly charges, with discounts and promotions sometimes available for online booking customers.

    Our purpose-built self storage depot is designed to make storage as straightforward as it should be, and we invite prospective customers to get in touch at any time to discuss their requirements, enquire about self storage container availability, or reserve the units they need.

    Snappy Self Storage: Cheap Storage Billericay FAQs

    Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about using Snappy Self Storage and what to expect from our services.

    How Safe Are the Items I Store With Snappy Self Storage?

    Our purpose-built facility is highly secure, with state-of-the-art security CCTV surveillance and around-the-clock security to protect your belongings and provide assurance that storage units are under continual protection. We have implemented 24/7 digital CCTV cameras, a dynamic alarm system, secure container access controls and fire detection equipment throughout our facility.

    How Flexible Are the Storage Options at Snappy Self Storage Near Me?

    Clients use our storage services for various solutions and can store household items, furniture, equipment, inventory and even vehicles. Many customers use self storage for excess stock or as a delivery and collection point to ensure arriving items are safely stored. Business clients can deliver or collect items via lorry or forklift, with external space capacity for parking and manoeuvring.

    Is There a Maximum Long Term Storage Billericay Period?

    No, we tend to offer self storage units from one week and upward, with no limitation on the maximum time you can hire a container. Clients often use long-term self storage when travelling, relocating overseas, selling or renovating a property or dealing with excess business stock, which can be for months or potentially years.

    Can I Access My Storage Units in Billericay Whenever I Want?

    Absolutely – when you hire a Snappy Self Storage unit or container, you have full control over when you decide to visit, whether you need to take or add an item to your storage space. Our clients have secure access to their units as and when required, with clear, reliable opening hours and plenty of parking space with the capacity for lorries and other delivery or collection vehicles.

    What Items Are Prohibited From Being Stored in a Self Storage Container?

    It is entirely up to you what you wish to store. However, anything hazardous, dangerous or illegal cannot be kept in a self storage unit, including animals, fireworks, flammable chemicals, explosives and gas canisters.

    What Happens if I Need to Switch Self Storage to a Larger or Smaller Unit?

    We’re all about flexibility, so you can swap your storage space to a bigger or smaller unit or container whenever you need to – we only charge for self storage rental for the time the unit is in use. You are welcome to get in touch or submit an enquiry form to explore the different unit sizes available to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

    Can I Store Archiving Records in Self Storage Near Me?

    Yes, we commonly receive enquiries from businesses and organisations that need a secure, safe way to store extensive files, records and paperwork that must be retained for regulatory or record-keeping requirements yet exceed the space available within their buildings.

    Fitting a storage unit with racks or shelves can be ideal if you need continual access to your self storage unit, and we ensure all self storage spaces are weatherproof, keeping paper documents and other records dry and in good condition.

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