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We provide secure, modern and flexible storage facilities for all your needs. Our services are perfect for house moves, business storage or even just a bit of extra space. We've got you covered!

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Onsite security, personalised entrance codes and fully automatic entrance gates for peace of mind

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Drive straight up to your storage container, load/unload, lock up and go. Lorry access is also possible

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    20FT Storage Unit 160 SQ FT

    What can I fit into a 20ft Storage Container?

    Self Storage Ilford

    The high-quality, purpose-built Snappy Self Storage depot is just 22 minutes from Ilford, easily accessible via the A13, as a streamlined, cost-effective and efficient solution for all your storage needs.

    Our weatherproof, modern storage containers are clean, dry, and free of dust, ensuring you can store any items you wish, from paperwork to vehicles, furniture to business stocks and camping kit to kayaks – always with 24/7 access with your secure entry code.

    Our Self Storage Ilford Facilities

    Snappy Self Storage offers highly competitive pricing, including a range of introductory offers available for a limited time only. We do not charge deposits, down payments, or advance hire charges, and we only ever bill from the date you move in – there are no hidden extras or additional costs to bear in mind.

    Located close to London City Airport yet within reach of all major transport routes, our depot is in a great spot for businesses and individuals with storage needs in Ilford, London and the surrounding area.

    All clients receive a passcode, which is specific to them, ensuring each self storage container is private, and cannot be accessed by anybody without your express permission. We provide 24/7 access via our advanced automated gating system, so if you need to collect or deposit items into self storage, you can do so at any time of day or night.

    We have a cutting-edge security system with always-on surveillance, and a large loading bay with drive-up units, suited to larger storage requirements and bulkier deliveries such as vehicles, commercial equipment, tools, pallets and other items.

    How to Find the Cheapest Self Storage Ilford

    Our aim is to ensure your self storage is hassle-free, and we provide clear, transparent pricing through our user-friendly booking form, with four-weekly costs displayed both with and without VAT to suit personal and business self storage clients.

    Hiring a self storage container through Snappy Self Storage includes:

    • Comprehensive security and access controls.
    • Modern, weatherproof containers for any storage requirements.
    • Simply four-weekly billing with no added extras.
    • Standard insurance for all our storage facilities.
    • Flexible hire periods with no maximum usage terms.
    • Cancellation as and when you wish.
    • Immediate availability, with no deposit required.
    • Large depot to accommodate HGVs and removal vehicles.
    • Secure access codes specific to your unit.

    If you have any particularly valuable items you wish to keep in self storage, we advise taking out separate insurance or consulting your insurance provider to ensure you have total coverage for the full value of your belongings for peace of mind.

    What Can I Keep in a Storage Unit Near Me?

    We work with a diverse mixture of clients, using self storage for many different purposes. Moving home is a common reason to require self storage, where homeowners or first-time buyers can store all of their furniture and belongings in a generously sized container until they are ready to move in.

    Homeowners also use self storage to protect their furniture and clear clutter from their homes while renovating or redecorating.

    Storing items in a loft space, garage, or shed often means your belongings are exposed to dust, dampness, poor weather conditions, contaminants and residues which can cause no end of damage, so a self storage unit is an excellent alternative.

    In terms of the kinds of items you can store, there are very few limitations, although we cannot store or insure:

    • Flammables and explosives, such as fireworks.
    • Live animals or plants.
    • Pressurised containers and gas canisters.
    • Items that are prohibited or illegal.

    Otherwise, you can store anything you would like to, where you need any-time access, clean and dry storage, and to keep your possessions safe and under surveillance.

    High-Security Self Storage Ilford

    Snappy Self Storage recognises that one of the key requirements you may have is security since any items stored long-term away from your main business premise or home may be exposed to tampering, damage, vandalism or theft.

    Our full-scope security system provides the best possible safeguards, with an automated access control gating system, privately issued entry codes for all clients, and ongoing CCTV monitoring to detect any unauthorised activity. We give you complete confidence that all your self storage items are protected.

    Booking a Long-Term Storage Unit Near Me

    Reserving an Ilford storage container couldn’t be easier. You can book online or reserve a storage unit for any date in the future, with the knowledge that your storage capacity has been set aside and will be available as soon as you need it.

    There is no need to specify your expected hire period, and we appreciate that, in many cases, self storage is used for requirements without a specific end date and only ask for an indication of the purpose of your storage and the date you’d like to move in.

    We implement a rolling hire system, so if you would like to continue using your self storage container, you need to do nothing further – we will issue a bill every four weeks until you let us know that your storage needs have changed.

    Our proximity to London City Airport and the other large airports in and around Ilford and Greater London makes our depot ideal for long-term requirements if you are planning to travel overseas, would like to store a car while on a business trip or need ongoing storage.

    Ilford Self Storage for Businesses

    Alongside self storage for homeowners, buyers and movers, Snappy Self Storage Ilford supports countless business clients in the local area who need convenience, cost-effectiveness and excellent customer service.

    Booking a self storage container is considerably cheaper than paying for a lock-up, warehouse or another general storage space, without any of the extra budgetary considerations such as business rates, maintenance and installing an alarm system.

    Businesses use Snappy Self Storage for:

    • Excess inventory, market stall stock and other overstock storage.
    • Equipment, tools and supplies that are required periodically.
    • Seasonal goods, display items and conferencing equipment.
    • Records, archives and other documentation.

    The capacity of one 20-foot self storage container is sufficient to hold the full contents of an average three to four-bedroom home, so however much space you need, Snappy Self Storage can help.

    Snappy Self Storage: Cheap Storage Ilford FAQs

    Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about using Snappy Self Storage and what to expect from our services.

    How Safe Are the Items I Store With Snappy Self Storage?

    Our purpose-built facility is highly secure, with state-of-the-art security CCTV surveillance and around-the-clock security to protect your belongings and provide assurance that storage units are under continual protection. We have implemented 24/7 digital CCTV cameras, a dynamic alarm system, secure container access controls and fire detection equipment throughout our facility.

    How Flexible Are the Storage Options at Snappy Self Storage Near Me?

    Clients use our storage services for various solutions and can store household items, furniture, equipment, inventory and even vehicles. Many customers use self storage for excess stock or as a delivery and collection point to ensure arriving items are safely stored. Business clients can deliver or collect items via lorry or forklift, with external space capacity for parking and manoeuvring.

    Is There a Maximum Long Term Storage Ilford Period?

    No, we tend to offer self storage units from one week and upward, with no limitation on the maximum time you can hire a container. Clients often use long-term self storage when travelling, relocating overseas, selling or renovating a property or dealing with excess business stock, which can be for months or potentially years.

    Can I Access My Storage Units in Ilford Whenever I Want?

    Absolutely – when you hire a Snappy Self Storage unit or container, you have full control over when you decide to visit, whether you need to take or add an item to your storage space. Our clients have secure access to their units as and when required, with clear, reliable opening hours and plenty of parking space with the capacity for lorries and other delivery or collection vehicles.

    What Items Are Prohibited From Being Stored in a Self Storage Container?

    It is entirely up to you what you wish to store. However, anything hazardous, dangerous or illegal cannot be kept in a self storage unit, including animals, fireworks, flammable chemicals, explosives and gas canisters.

    What Happens if I Need to Switch Self Storage to a Larger or Smaller Unit?

    We’re all about flexibility, so you can swap your storage space to a bigger or smaller unit or container whenever you need to – we only charge for self storage rental for the time the unit is in use. You are welcome to get in touch or submit an enquiry form to explore the different unit sizes available to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

    Can I Store Archiving Records in Self Storage Near Me?

    Yes, we commonly receive enquiries from businesses and organisations that need a secure, safe way to store extensive files, records and paperwork that must be retained for regulatory or record-keeping requirements yet exceed the space available within their buildings.

    Fitting a storage unit with racks or shelves can be ideal if you need continual access to your self storage unit, and we ensure all self storage spaces are weatherproof, keeping paper documents and other records dry and in good condition.

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