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Are you wondering how much stuff you can store away? Good news: our Snappy Self-Storage units in Barking have plenty of storage options. This article breaks down the sizes and types of storage units in Barking, from small to large.

Keep reading to find your fit!

Key Takeaways

  • Storage units come in different sizes: small (10 sq ft), medium (20 sq ft), and large (30 sq ft), to fit a range of items from a few boxes to an entire home’s contents.
  • Competitive prices and special offers such as 50% off for new customers at Snappy Self Storage make these units affordable for all budgets.
  • High security with individual alarms, PIN code access, CCTV surveillance, and monitored alarms ensures your belongings are safe.
  • The facilities prioritize cleanliness with regular cleaning schedules and have fire and smoke detection systems for added protection.
  • Located near major roads and public transport links, the storage units in Barking offer easy access with features like drive-up units at Access Self Storage.

Exploring Storage Unit Sizes in Barking:

Finding the right size for your storage needs in Barking is easy. We offer a variety of sizes to fit everything from a few boxes to an entire home’s contents.

Small Units: 10 sq ft Options

Small units of 10 sq ft at Barking storage are perfect for those seeking compact spaces to store their belongings. This storage facility can hold several boxes, suitcases, or a handful of furniture items like chairs and a desk.

They cater well to students needing a place for their things during holidays or individuals in transition who require temporary storage solutions.

Barking storage size units with this dimension come on a monthly rolling contract, offering flexibility for short-term needs. Their affordability makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious customers.

Ideal for personal items, seasonal decorations, or excess inventory from small businesses, these units provide secure storage and accessible space without the need for long-term commitments.

Medium Units: 20 sq ft Choices

Medium units at 20 sq ft in Barking storage facilities like Snappy Self Storage offer an ideal solution for those needing extra space. These units can comfortably hold items from a small apartment or office, including boxes of documents, seasonal gear, or even a mattress set.

They strike the perfect balance between compactness and ample space for various belongings.


The 20 sq ft storage unit stands as a versatile choice for personal or business use, accommodating everything from furniture pieces to stacks of files.


Our storage options provide not only size variety but also peace of mind with secure and easily accessible facilities. Whether you’re decluttering your home or storing inventory for your business, these medium units deliver the flexibility you need without taking up too much space or breaking the bank.

Large Units: 30 sq ft Solutions

For those needing more space, our 30 sq ft Barking storage unit presents a perfect solution. These spacious areas comfortably accommodate large items such as furniture sets, extensive collections, or business inventory.

We provide a variety of these large units, ensuring ample room for your belongings. Also, we go a step further by offering drive-up access to these larger spaces, making loading and unloading significantly easier.

Choosing a 30 sq ft unit allows for organized self storage without the need to cram items together tightly. This size is ideal for personal use, business stock, or during times of transition like moving homes or office locations.

Advantages of our Storage Solutions in Barking:

Choosing our self-storage Barking solutions brings big benefits your way. Our competitive pricing fits nicely into any budget and top-notch security keeps your items safe and sound.

Competitive Prices for Every Budget

Our personal storage units come with competitive prices that fit every budget. Our units in Barking make getting a unit more affordable by offering new customers 50% off their first 8 weeks.

This deal helps you save money while finding the perfect size for storing your items. We also provide an excellent opportunity to spend less, with a generous offer of 50% off up to 13 weeks of storage at the given Barking location without having to pay a security deposit.

These promotions make choosing our storage solutions a smart decision for anyone looking to maximize space without breaking the bank. With options like these, you can easily find a unit that meets your needs and stays within your budget limits. Our pricing ensures that whether you’re clearing out clutter or needing extra room for business inventory, there’s always an option available at a price point that makes sense for you.

Security and Cleanliness Standards

Security and cleanliness take top priority in our storage units in Barking, ensuring your items are not only stored but also protected. Every room is individually alarmed with PIN code access providing personalized security.

We elevate safety with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and monitored alarms, while secure locks keep unauthorized access at bay. The presence of gated perimeters, sensor lighting, and perimeter fencing further fortifies the facilities against potential threats.

Cleanliness standards are equally stringent to guarantee your belongings remain in pristine condition. Regular cleaning schedules maintain a dust-free environment inside storage units.

Furthermore, fire and smoke detection systems installed in our nits offer an added layer of protection against unforeseen disasters. This combination of high-level security features and commitment to cleanliness sets our storage solutions apart from the rest.

Prime Location for Easy Access

After ensuring your items are secure and the premises clean, finding a storage solution that’s easily accessible is key. Our storage units tick this box with their prime location.

They sit strategically close to major roads and public transport links with a district line, making trips to your unit hassle-free whether you’re coming by car or transit. This convenience saves time for both personal and business users.

Our facilities stand out not just for their service quality but also for easy access. With features like drive-up units and a covered unloading area moving items becomes straightforward.

Additionally, ample customer parking eliminates the stress of finding a spot even on busy days. These locations ensure you can get to your belongings when you need them without any complications.

Conclusion: Choose the perfect storage unit for your needs in Barking.

Selecting the right storage unit in Barking, East London is easy. You can fit a wide variety of items, from a few boxes to an entire home’s worth of belongings, depending on the size you choose.

Both small and large units offer competitive prices, and unbeatable security measures, and are conveniently located for easy access. Make sure you pick one that aligns with your storage needs perfectly.

Your search for an ideal storage solution ends here with our Barking units ready to serve all your storing requirements effectively. Our storage experts can help you find the right storage units in Barking at any time.


1. What size are the storage units in Barking?

Our Barking storage units come in various sizes to fit different needs, from small personal items to large furniture pieces.

2. How do I know how many items can fit in a storage unit?

To estimate how many items can fit, consider the size of your belongings and compare them with the dimensions of our available storage units.

3. Can I store big furniture in your Barking storage units?

Yes, you can store big furniture pieces in our larger storage units designed to accommodate such items comfortably.

4. Is there help available to decide which storage unit I need?

Absolutely! Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the right size of a storage unit based on what items you plan to store.

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