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Are you running out of space at home or in your office? Snappy Self Storage brings a solution. Our East London storage units offer security and flexibility for all your storage needs.

Keep reading to find the perfect fit for you!

East London Storage Units – What We Offer

Our East London storage units cater to all your self-storage needs with a variety of sizes and services. Whether you’re storing furniture or securing vehicle space, we’ve got you covered.

Various Locations in East London

We offer convenient self-storage options across East London, perfect for vehicle owners looking for secure and accessible storage solutions. Our facilities are strategically located near major transportation routes, making them easy to reach from anywhere in the Greater London area. Here’s what you need to know about each location:

  1. Barking and Dagenham: This location provides easy access for those residing in the eastern part of London, ideal for storing larger items with drive-up units available.
  2. Ilford: Positioned near bustling commercial areas, our Ilford facility is great for businesses and homeowners needing extra space.
  3. Stoke Newington: Nestled close to residential neighborhoods, this site offers a variety of storage sizes, perfect for personal or household items.
  4. Chingford-Walthamstow: Close to both residential and commercial sectors, this facility supports various storage needs, including space for lorries and HGVs.
  5. Crayford: Situated further out from central East London, our Crayford unit caters to those requiring storage away from the hustle and bustle.
  6. Romford: Located centrally within East London, Romford offers convenience for local organizations and residents seeking easily accessible self-storage options.
  7. Orpington: This unit is a bit more secluded, ideal for storing valuable possessions with additional removals and packing services available upon request.
  8. Swanley: Just on the edge of East London, Swanley provides spacious storage solutions suitable for business storage inventory or large personal items that need safekeeping.

Range of storage sizes

After pinpointing the perfect location for your self-storage needs from our diverse locations across East London, finding the right size unit to store your vehicle or other items for the right storage prices is the next step. We offer a variety of storage sizes to ensure you find the exact fit for your belongings, vehicles included.

  1. Small units are ideal if you’re looking to store parts, accessories, or personal items alongside your vehicle storage needs; they provide just enough space without taking up too much room. They are perfect as a student storage option due to the individually alarmed units that are conveniently located.
  2. Medium units strike a balance between compact and large spaces, perfect for storing one vehicle along with a few boxes or pieces of sports equipment.
  3. Our large units offer ample space for storing multiple items like furniture and inventory alongside your vehicle, ensuring everything stays in one secure place.
  4. The 20ft storage unit stands out by offering 160 sq ft of space, making it an excellent choice for clients who have more extensive storage requirements, including multiple vehicles or larger pieces of equipment and inventory.
  5. Clients have the flexibility to switch to a larger or smaller storage unit as needed, which means you can start with what you think fits best and adjust as your storage needs change over time.

With these options tailored to meet individual self-storage requirements, you can organize your self-storage in a way that best suits you and ensures easy access whenever needed.

Additional services such as removals and packing

Our additional services cater specifically to making your storage experience as hassle-free as possible. We provide professional removal and packing services that take the stress out of moving items into storage.

Our team handles everything from wrapping delicate items securely to loading heavy equipment safely, ensuring all your belongings reach our storage units in perfect condition.

We offer a seamless transition for your belongings, from door to storage unit, with our expert removals and packing service.

For vehicle owners, this means not worrying about arranging separate transportation or dealing with the headache of packing tools, equipment, or machinery. Our solutions are designed with efficiency and safety in mind – whether it’s archiving business records or storing personal valuables.

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Why Choose Our Storage Units in East London

Picking our storage units in East London puts your items in a spot that’s both easy to get to and incredibly secure. We offer flexible solutions that adapt perfectly to your varying needs, ensuring you find just the right space for all that you need to store.

Convenient location

Our East London storage units boast a prime location. They sit near major transportation routes, making it easy for vehicle owners to access. Whether you need to drop off or pick up items, these locations in Barking and Dagenham, Ilford, Stoke Newington, Chingford-Walthamstow, Crayford, Romford, Orpington, Swanley offer convenience.

This accessibility benefits homeowners, businesses, and local organizations looking for self-storage options.

Drive-up units cater specifically to clients with bigger storage needs. These are perfect for lorries and HGVs needing ample space. Finding the right spot to store your belongings or inventory is straightforward with our guide to storing in East London’s strategic spots.

Next up: Secure storage options provide peace of mind as we explore the safety features available at our locations.

Secure storage options

Vehicle owners searching for a safe place to store their belongings will find peace of mind with our secure storage options. Our East London storage units come equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance and fire detection systems, ensuring everything you store is well-protected against unforeseen incidents.

The presence of onsite security personnel adds an extra layer of safety, while personalized entrance codes and automatic gates offer easy yet secure access at any time.

We strictly prohibit storing hazardous, dangerous, or illegal items like animals, fireworks, and flammable chemicals to guarantee the safety of all stored goods. This policy ensures that your vehicle and other belongings are kept in a safe environment, free from risks associated with prohibited items.

With these security measures in place, customers can rest assured knowing their possessions are in good hands.

Flexible solutions

Our East London storage units provide flexible solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of vehicle owners. With a variety of contract options, we cater to individual self-storage requirements without locking you into lengthy commitments.

You have the freedom to move between larger or smaller units based on what you need at any given time, ensuring you only pay for the space you use. This flexibility extends to our rental charges, making it easy and cost-effective to manage your storage needs.

Security is a top priority for us, offering low-cost yet cutting-edge storage solutions across London. Our clients enjoy full control over their units with no restrictions on how long they can store their items.

Whether it’s for private or commercial use, we guarantee outstanding security and service flexibility that fits your life.

Now let’s look at how to reach our storage units easily from anywhere in East London.

How to Reach Our Storage Units

Find your way to our storage units easily with a detailed map and clear directions provided, and if you need more help, reach out via phone, email, or live chat during our accessible hours. Contact us today!

Contact information (phone number, email, live chat)

Reaching out to us is straightforward and convenient for every vehicle owner. You can get a fast and accurate quote or ask any questions regarding our traditional self-storage options, thanks to our various contact methods.

  1. Phone Number: Call us directly at the provided phone number listed on our website. Our team is eager to assist you with inquiries, reservations, or requests for information about what to store in self-storage.
  2. Email: Send us an email with your queries or requirements about organizing your self storage unit. Our staff promptly responds to all emails, ensuring you receive the information or assistance needed without delay.
  3. Live Chat: Use the live chat feature on our website for immediate help. This option is perfect for getting quick answers about the map to our storage unit or any services we offer, including removals and packing.
  4. Access Hours: Our website lists access hours for each location, allowing you to plan visits to your storage unit at a time that works best for you.
  5. Fast Quote Form: Fill out the form on our website for a fast and precise quote tailored specifically to your needs as a vehicle owner seeking secure gated facilities for tools, equipment, and machinery storage.
  6. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions: For complete transparency, we provide clear privacy policies and terms & conditions on our site. This ensures you understand how we protect your information while using our services.

Each method guarantees an easy way to connect with us, catering specifically to professionals who need reliable information quickly about securing their valuable equipment in self-storage units across East London.

Access hours

After you’ve got in touch with us through phone, email, or live chat for your storage needs, knowing about our access hours is the next step. Our East London storage units offer flexible access times to fit the busy schedules of vehicle owners.

  1. Enjoy 24-hour access to personal storage containers, allowing you to visit your unit at any hour that suits you best.
  2. Our facilities ensure that no matter the time, day or night, you can organise your self-storage without any restrictions.
  3. With personalized entrance codes, gain secure entry into the facility whenever you need to drop off or pick up items from your unit.
  4. Full control over your storage units’ access means you can come and go as please, ensuring maximum convenience for managing your possessions.
  5. The fully automatic entrance gates operate around the clock, so accessing your belongings is hassle-free and secure at all times.
  6. Onsite security protections are always on alert to maintain a safe environment for both you and your belongings 24/7.
  7. The presence of 24/7 CCTV surveillance gives an added layer of security, making sure that safety is paramount every hour of every day.


Finding the perfect storage solution in East London has never been easier. With Snappy Self Storage service, you gain access to secure, flexible options that meet all your needs. Our locations across East London are easy to reach and offer a variety of sizes and services tailored for any requirement.

Whether you’re moving house, storing business inventory, or simply need extra space, our facilities ensure your items stay safe 24/7. Contact us today to find out how we can help clear up space in your life while keeping your belongings secure.


1. How do I organize my items in a self-storage unit?

Start by grouping similar items together, use clear labeled boxes for easy identification, and place the things you need access to often at the front of your storage unit.

2. What should I consider when choosing a self-storage unit in East London?

Consider the size of the unit you need, how secure it is, if it has climate control for sensitive items, and its location for easy access.

3. Can I get help moving my stuff into the storage unit?

Yes, many storage facilities offer moving assistance or can recommend trusted local movers to help transport your belongings safely to your storage unit.

4. Are there any tips for making the most out of my self-storage space?

Maximize your space by stacking boxes carefully up to the ceiling, disassemble large furniture pieces if possible, and use shelves inside your unit to keep things organized and accessible.

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